Thai Table Massage uses techniques from traditional Thai massage which are adapted to working on a massage couch rather than the floor. This has advantages for both therapist and in particular for clients who may find getting up and down from the floor a challenge. This is still performed in the traditional way with the client remaining fully clothed throughout the treatment.

Thai Yoga Massage

A full body treatment comprising acupressure techniques, deep stretching and which utilises rhythmic flowing movements.

60 minutes £40

with compress £45

Heavenly Head Massage

A very gentle head, neck and face massage that calms the mind and body, reduces stress and induces a sense of total relaxation.

30 minutes

Thai Back Massage

The back of the body is like a protective shell and is where we tend to hold tension. This massage, performed fully clothed, using acupressure techniques and some gentle yoga stretches both energises and relaxes the back releasing that built up tension.

30 minutes £25