What is Thai Foot Reflexology?

Thai Foot Reflexology, also known as Foot Zone Massage, originated in China thousands of years ago and is one of the greatest and most relaxing massages. It is a healing massage performed on the feet using fingers, knuckles, and sometimes a short wooden stick. Although China’s original reflexology could be quite painful, the Thai people modified it and added more movements for relaxation whilst still following the original theory. These days, Thai Foot reflexology is an amazing harmony of “jep" (painful) and “sabaai" (relaxing).

Performed seated, using a mixture of oil and cream, the massage works along the energy (sen) lines of the feet and lower legs to balance and harmonise the flow of energy around the body. The stimulation of the internal organs and the energy lines is intended to facilitate the body's normal functions and by doing so the body remains healthy.


Thai Foot Massage and Foot Reflexology can help many disorders and is particularly effective for:

  • relieving stress and tensions
  • improving circulation in legs, hands and feet
  • reducing the possibility of developing arthritic and rheumatic conditions in the feet
  • boosting the immune system
  • stimulating lymphatic drainage
  • increasing your sense of wellbeing


Thai Foot Reflexology 90 minutes £40

I recently discovered Christine’s Thai Massage service and have so far tried the Thai Foot Massage. It was wonderfully relaxing and carried out in a warm and comfortable environment. I am looking forward to trying the Thai Yoga Massage and would highly recommend Christine to other customers”
Claire Harlow - 6 May