What is Chi Nei Tsang?

Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal detox massage) is one of the most profound massage forms in Traditional Thai and Chinese medicine. It is both an art and a science and complements Traditional Thai Massage, Reflexology, Reiki and similar therapies.

People often develop energy blockages in and around their internal organs that result in knots and tangles in the abdominal area. These blockages can constrict the flow of chi (the life-force energy), eventually resulting in physical ailments. By using Abdominal Detox Massage techniques of navel and deep organ energy massage it is possible to release and clear blockages, toxins, excessive heat and negative emotions

Using direct methods to massage the internal organs it is the most comprehensive approach to energising, strengthening and detoxifying the internal organ system. Chi Nei Tsang clears out negative influences and is particularly useful in relieving intestinal blockages, cramps, knots, lumps, scar tissue, headaches, menstrual cramps, poor blood circulation, back pain and many other problems.


Some improvement should be noticed after the first treatment, however between 2 and 5 treatments may be required in order to gain the full benefit of abdominal massage.

Consultation and massage 90 minutes £55

*As with any other massage, clients with ongoing medical conditions should consult their doctor prior to beginning treatment